Anifa s auto ethnography final

The Autoethnography: Ten Examples

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Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World

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As a method, autoethnography combines characteristics of auto biography and ethnography.


When writing an autobiography, an author retroactively and selectively writes about past experiences. Usually, the author does not live through these experiences solely to make them part of a published document; rather, these experiences are assembled.

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Living Autoethnography: Connecting Life and Research Autoethnography is a qualitative research method that utilizes data about self and context to gain an.

Journal of Research Practice

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The term autoethnography is subject to different interpretations and some controversy. It can refer to the ethnography of one’s own group but also to the use of personal narrative in ethnographic writing.

In Auto/ethnography: Rewriting the self and the social. Edited by Deborah Reed-Danahay, 1– Oxford and New York: Berg. E-mail.

Anifa s auto ethnography final
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