Hookless #2 zipper upper

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Hookless Zipper Mishap!

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Manufacturers first used the fastener with interlocking metal teeth on boots and tobacco pouches. It took nearly 20 years for the zipper to appear on clothing.


The main zip is a repro of a Hookless grommet zipper, and the throat latch has a repro dot snap. The original tags are still on the jacket and include a nice reproduction piece to accompany that zip.

The front of the jacket is belted, as are the sleeves. LION FASTENER v. HOOKLESS FASTENER CO. Email golf bag, sport clothes, and a multitude of articles of personal use.

The finished product is called a "zipper," the word doubtless being derived from the sound, or speed, in opening and closing it. Each metallic member at its facing end is supplied on its upper side with a projection and on. Find Any Zippers Imaginable, Fast!

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Feb 18,  · For reference, I have 2 A-2 jackets with hookless zips, both branded Waldes, and both #8. If your jacket has a #5 zip of the same brand, you should be able to substitute the slider. Have you checked all you zip teeth, and are they all undamaged?

if not you would have to replace the entire zipper, and the zip size shouldn't make much difference. Tag Archives: hookless zipper and were one of the earliest applications of the then brand-new Hookless fastener. The zipper on this one is the earliest production model produced by Hookless, produced under patent no.applied for in and granted in An improved model came out later innarrowing the dating of this.

Hookless #2 zipper upper
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