Imogene kings theory of goal attainment

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King’s Conceptual System and Theory of Goal Attainment in Nursing Practice

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Theoretical Foundation in Nursing Essay

CHAPTER 2: Nursing Theories and the Practice of Nursing. Chapter 2 Nursing Theories and the Practice of Nursing. The nursing practice must be based on nursing theories. The Theory of Goal Attainment was developed by Imogene King in the early s.

It describes a dynamic, interpersonal relationship in which a patient grows and develops to attain certain life goals. The Theory And Decision Making Theory - A theory is a tentative way of explaining something. “It consists of a set of assumptions, concepts, relationships, and logic that are combined to explain a phenomenon of interest (Johnson & Kruse, ).” “Theories come from science and research.

CHAPTER 15 Conceptual System and Middle Range Theory of Goal Attainment Christina L. Sieloff and Patricia R. Messmer “Theory is an abstraction that implies prediction based in research.

Theory without research and research without some theoretical basis will not build scientific knowledge for a discipline” (King,p.

23). Imogene M. King, EdD, RN, FAAN. Imogene King: Goal Attainment Theory 1. Goal Attainment Theory 2. “A professional nurse, withspecial knowledge and skills, anda client in need of nursing, withknowledge of self and perceptionof personal problems, meet asstrangers in naturalenvironment.

Imogene kings theory of goal attainment
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Goal Attainment Theory: KEY CONCEPTS