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Poets & Writers Live is an initiative developed in response to interviews and discussions with writers from all over the country. When we asked what Poets & Writers could do to support their writing practice, time and again writers expressed a desire for a more tangible connection to other writers.

The genre of travel literature encompasses outdoor literature, guide books, nature writing, and travel memoirs.

One early travel memoirist in Western literature was Pausanias, a Greek geographer of the 2nd century the early modern period, James Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides () helped shape travel memoir as a genre.

"Writing Your Journal Article in 12 Weeks is the one book I would most recommend to inexperienced academic authors in the humanities or social sciences who seriously wish to see their scholarly work in. from the magazine Why Study War?

Military history teaches us about honor, sacrifice, and the inevitability of conflict. News Corp is a network of leading companies in the worlds of diversified media, news, education, and information services. Meghan Cox Gurdon on Jackie Morse Kessler's "Rage," Cheryl Rainfield's "Scars," Suzanne Collins's "Hunger Games" and other examples of contemporary young-adult fiction.

Journal article writers
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