Potato battery

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How Potato Batteries Work

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Potato battery science project.

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Potato battery science project is a simple experiment which demonstrates how a pair of different metals and electrolyte can. In a potato battery, the electrical energy is generated by two chemical reactions that happen at the electrodes (the copper and zinc metal strips).

Because copper is more electronegative than zinc, it tends to attract electrons more easily than zinc. The potato battery kit, which includes two metal electrodes and alligator clips, is easy to assemble and, some parts, such as the zinc cathode, can be inexpensively replaced.

A battery is a way to store electrical energy. For a battery to work it needs to have 3 things, two electrodes (metals, one + and one -) and electrolytes (minerals).

A potato battery project is the last in a series of fruit and veggie battery projects included on this site. Many versions are available, but unless you want to get fancy with the voltmeter, fruit batteries make great science projects for kids since they are both inexpensive and relatively easy to perform.

Potato battery
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Potato battery science fair project