The rationality of science critical thinking and science education

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Critical thinking

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Education's Epistemology: Rationality, Diversity, and Critical Thinking

Education's Epistemology extends and defends Siegel's "reasons conception" of critical thinking, developing it in both philosophical and educational directions.

Of particular note is its emphasis on epistemic quality and epistemic rationality and its concerted defense of "universal" educational and.

Education's Epistemology: Rationality, Diversity, and Critical Thinking [Harvey Siegel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Education's Epistemology extends and further defends Harvey Siegel's reasons conception of critical thinking.

It analyzes and emphasizes both the epistemic qualityAuthor: Harvey Siegel. 32) says, "critical 20 K.


S. Walters thinking involves bringing to bear all matters relevant to the rationality of belief and action; and education aimed at the promulgation of critical thinking is nothing less than education aimed at the fostering of rationality and the development of rational persons.".

HARVEY SIEGEL THE RATIONALITY OF SCIENCE, CRITICAL THINKING, AND SCIENCE EDUCATION* It is not what the man of science believes that dis. HARVEY SIEGEL THE RATIONALITY OF SCIENCE, CRITICAL THINKING, AND SCIENCE EDUCATION* It is not what the man of science believes that dis- tinguishes him, but how and why he believes it.

His beliefs are tentative, not dogmatic; they are based on evidence, not on authority or intuition (Russellp. ). The title of this part is: The Rationality of Science, Critical Thinking, and Science Education.

Use the table of contents to view other parts in this article or a page about the whole article. Rationality, Critical Thinking, and Education, Philosophy of Education Research Library, Routledge & Kegan Paul, London.

Critical thinking The rationality of science critical thinking and science education
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