World war 1 notes reasons stalemate western front

What are some key notes about the Great War (World War 1)?

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Western Front (World War I)

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However, the first weeks of the war had seen large-scale movements of troops in both France and Belgium. The Western Front was the result of a series of battles in. Western Front This was a major front in World War I. A line of trenches and fortifications in World War I that stretched without a break from Switzerland to the North Sea.

Western Front; Part of World War I: Mark II "female" tank advancing with Canadian infantry at Battle of Vimy Ridge, for reasons of strategy and national pride and thus trap the French. Notes Footnotes.

References. War of the trenches shattered an entire generation of young men and while young soldier went to war believing in the world of their leaders and elders, the pre world of order, progress, and patriotism, millions of men died on the western front.

The stalemate along the Western Front during World War I, known previously (i.e., before anyone appreciated that there would be a second world war a couple of decades down the road) as the Great. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand: This was the spark that started World War I. Archduke Ferdinand, the Austrian crown prince, was murdered on June 28,by a Serbian nationalist while visiting Sarajevo, Bosnia.

World war 1 notes reasons stalemate western front
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